"We believe our balanced education will enhance social interaction, leadership, healthy recreation, self-discipline and self- confidence."

Here at Austin Heights Schools, we believe that all aspects of a child's education should be well-balanced intellectually, physically and morally. Hence, the need to provide a wide range of activities to ensure that every student has the opportunity to experience and discover for themselves their inner talents be it in academic, artistic, musical, dramatic, sporting or any combination of these.

In line with our aim to produce well-balanced students through our holistic education who are academically sound, physically fit and with a fine character, a variety of activities are introduced. As we continue to grow and expand, more special programs and activities will be added.
  • Sports:
    • Badminton
    • Football
    • Basketball
    • Wushu
    • Table Tennis
    • Swimming
    • Taekwando
    • Netball
  • Clubs & Societies:
    • Drama Club
    • Dance Club
    • Art Club
    • Magic Club
    • Chess Club
    • Photography Club
    • ICT Club
    • Young Entrepreneur Club
    • Band & Music Club
  • Uniformed Bodies:
    • Scouts
    • Red Crescent
Enhanced CCA are provided to students who wish to participate in non-school CCA activities such as Golf, Bowling and Tennis which are held at out-of-school premises. These activities are scheduled on non-school days and are chargeable.

In line with the school aspiration to provide quality and dynamic CCAs, we have outsourced the services of professional coaches for some of the CCAs and a fee will be charged on termly basis.

The Young Entreprenuers Club will allow our budding business studies students to engage in realistic enterprises.

The ICT club based in our purpose-built, state-of-the-art ICT laboratory will enable all members to expand the talents in this area as well as applying the knowledge to support other school based activities.

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