1. Application Fee (one-time payment only)
To be paid on application and it is non refundable.

2. Registration Fee
To be paid upon confirmation of a place and it is non refundable. Registration fee is payable once at each key stage.

3. Security Deposit (one-time payment only)
The Security Deposit is refundable provided one full term of written notice of withdrawal is given in advance while the student is in the current school term. The said notice must be received, acknowledged and approved by the school. This deposit will be forfeited if proper notification is not received and acknowledged by the school in accordance to the terms and conditions of admission.

4. School Fees(payable per term, 3 terms per academic year)
The School Fees are to be paid one week before commencement of school term. School fees are exclusive of all textbooks, materials, resources, uniforms, school bus services and meals. It is not refundable or non transferable.

Uniforms, gym/sports wear, textbooks, workbooks and exercise books are payable according to the "Uniform List" and "Book List".

5. Miscellaneous Fee (payable per annum)
Miscellaneous Fees include insurance and technology fees. It is non refundable and non transferable.

Payment is in Ringgit Malaysia and can be made by Cash, Cheque (payable to AUSTIN HEIGHTS EDUCATION SDN BHD and crossed A/C PAYEE only).
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